Secure storage and management of cryptoassets
Custody solutions for funds, stock exchanges, custodians, ICO, any company that is to deal with digital assets safely, conveniently and in accordance with the requirements

• Multi-signature accounts (MultiSig)
• Flexible authentication settings of rights and roles
• Storage on cold wallets (Ledger / HSM)

All the accounts are with 3 private keys, to complete a transaction you need 2 keys . Two keys are stored at the user`s (an "operational" key, the other one in case of recovery), the third key is stored in the Cracc service

Mode of keys storage
Cold storage - Trezor / Ledger
HSM Solutions - CryptoPro / Gemalto / Amazon

Restore access without contacting Cracc
Due to owning 2 out of 3 keys you can restore the access to the cryptoassets without accessing the Cracc service

Adjustable authentication for users - IP / e-mail / Google Authenticator / Yandex Authenticator

Transaction security
Adjustable authentication for an account - limit on transactions / users` confirmation / white lists of recipients

Cyber Security Monitoring
If a cyber attack is suspected, Cracc will not "sign" transactions until additional authentications are made.
Compliance with the requirements
The system has a flexible adjustment of rights and roles. The user initiates sending of a cryptoasset and specifies the password from the «working» key (signs)

Cracc verifies that the user:
— correctly entered the Google Authenticator code and logged in from an authorized IP
— the address is on the white list and the amount does not exceed the limit
— sending is confirmed by another user, etc.

If the verification is successful, then Cracc signs and the transaction is completed.
Transactions and Reports
Cryptoassets are sent via own nodes, there is also an integration with external providers, which ensures the speed and stability of interaction with the blockchain.

Indexation of nodes, transaction history, generation of detailed reports with due allowance for rates of exchange/commission fees, contractors management, etc.
Cracc is configured for the web version (white label) and API

Cryptocurrency support - Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20-tokens (added on request)
Corporate Crypto Account
A box solution (white label) for companies to work securely with cryptoassets

Flexible settings for the requirements to validation rules and operating scenarios. Adding data providers and new feature sets (on request)

For whom: Funds, Crypto funds, Funds of funds, ICO
    Ready-made infrastructure for safe work with cryptoassets

    For whom: Exchanges, Funds, Depositories, Processing, Crypto-projects

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